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AcropolisX -Protect&Lock Photo

4.2 ( 6992 ratings )
Foto og video Underholdning Værktøjer
Forfatter: YI ZHONG

An effective app to hide private photos and videos
Unique features

No buddy can see your media file, private photos and video had been very well camouflaged.
Hidden from the phone screen automatic.
Hide photo or video in very secure manner.

Easily transfer your photos & videos wirelessly between iOS devices and Computer.
No need for cable, iTunes or extra software on your computer.
Photos are transferred with full resolution including metadata and videos transferred with the highest quality available.

Manage your photos in folders.

Using“Private Camera” you can take a picture, but it will not show in the public album.

No Ads
free of annoying ads.

If you are looking for an effective app to hide photos on iOS then you can use Photo PR. Photo PR will help you keep your private photos in your privacy space.
It gives you the opportunity to make some invisible images stored on your phone. Photo PR is so well photo hidden app, people do not even know that you have some hidden pictures on your device!
Additionally, your hidden photos will not be shown in other apps. So, theres no chance to even guess about the hidden photos.
Your private pictures are protected and are accessible only by entering a password.

Wireless Transfer helps you quickly transfer photos and videos between your computer and your mobile devices.Using this, you only need to make sure that your mobile devices and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
No need for any other settings, cable or extra software.
Support the best wireless transfer performance between iOS device and computers.

1.when you first use app, please set password for private photos; “ + ” create a new album, if you input text is the password you first set, then will into the private album, otherwise the app will create a new album.
3.the private album will be hidden from the phone screen automatic when such as an incoming phone call or SMS message or when you quits the application.

Wireless Transfer does not use or transfer your files to any external server.
It provides a completely private website to be accessed by only computers that are directly connected to your local WiFi network.
Your photos and videos cannot be accessed from the Internet.
App does not have the ability to store contents online, so we wont be able to help you recover contents if you forget the passphrase you used.

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